Financial & Inventory Data Analysis



Post Holdings is a consumer packaged goods holding company. With over 10 multi-billion dollar acquisitions in the last 5 years, Post’s Decision Science group was facing the complicated task of merging data from different sources and reporting platforms and enabling senior management, operating companies, and regulators to make sense of that flood of data.


Vizable Insights collaborated with the Decision Science team at Post Holdings to develop effective Tableau dashboards tracking accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash flow. We also developed several what-if financial analyses yielding actionable results. One of these models identified potential savings of almost 70 million dollars annually across the whole organization.

In addition to Tableau dashboard building, we also developed a Tableau course for a team of one of the operating companies, complete with Tableau manual and exercises based on their own data. The materials we developed were the foundation for a 3 day course that was delivered on site.