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Data Modeling

Refine your data and get to analysis faster.

Unlock the true potential of your data through our comprehensive data modeling services. From cleaning and transformation to seamless integration into Tableau, we ensure your data is not just a resource but a strategic asset.
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What is Data Modeling?

Data modeling transforms raw data into a clean, reliable format, ready for analysis. For instance, this could be consolidating customer information from multiple databases into a single, unified dataset, ensuring accuracy and accessibility.

Data Modeling & its impact.

Data modeling is a foundational step to ensure that the data is structured and organized in a way that facilitates analysis and visualization. Your data should not be scattered across multiple Excel spreadsheets, text files, PDFs, or databases. This can be overwhelming and prone to errors. But here’s the good news: Vizable Insights can work magic on your messy data! We will consolidate these disparate data sources and transform them into ready-to-go datasets, perfectly suited for Tableau.

Benefits of data modeling:

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Extract and consolidate data from various sources.

Gather data from diverse sources like databases, spreadsheets, and APIs, consolidating them into a unified dataset for analysis.
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Identify and fix data inconsistencies and errors.

Detect and rectify inconsistencies and errors within datasets to ensure data accuracy and reliability for analysis.
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Identify missing data.

Identify and address missing data points to prevent gaps in analysis and ensure comprehensive insights.

Reshape data to optimal format for Tableau.

Transform raw data into a structured format optimized for Tableau.
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Make dashboards faster and more efficient.

Enhance dashboard performance by optimizing queries, improving data loading times, and streamlining visualizations.
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Create automated ETL data pipelines.

Create automated Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) pipelines to streamline data processing, ensuring timely & accurate data delivery for analysis.