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Industries - Public Benefit

Backing public benefit organizations with data visualization.

Vizable Insights brings their expertise to education, nonprofits and NGOs to help them organize and present data related to their mission. This includes visualizing data on the communities they serve, the services they provide, and the outcomes of their work. This type of data visualization can help non-profits communicate their impact to donors, volunteers, and the communities they serve.
2 Custom Tableau Dashboard designs. Showing Kitsilano neighborhood data.

Our public benefit expertise.

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We work with organizations like Washington Nonprofits and Arcora transforming their Excel and Powerpoint based reporting into interactive and easy to maintain Tableau dashboards. Our visual data products prove impact, aid decision-making, and boost stakeholder engagement.
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We believe data can transform educational strategies, policies, and outcomes. By creating visual representations, we aim to promote an informed educational community, leading to better learning environments and opportunities for students and faculty.
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Our long term collaboration with Embedding Project resulted in the development of a series of resources that help companies incorporate sustainability into their work. Our dashboards combine our client’s needs with the broader goal of advancing sustainability.

Hear from our clients in public benefit.

"They can turn your data into a compelling story through a well-designed, user-friendly dashboard. Vizable Insights was instrumental in translating the KIP index into a user-friendly dashboard offering invaluable insights and recommendations."

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Charlotte Karam

Endowed Professor at the University of Ottawa

"George is wicked-smart, humble, and dependable. His work is on-time, on-budget, and always exceeds my expectations."

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Rick Anderson

Director of Public Policy at Washington Nonprofits

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