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Data Visualization Style Guide Development

Harmonize your data presentation.

Establish unambiguous visual standards so that your dashboards look consistent and distinctly yours. Utilize data visualization and UX design best practices to optimize usability of your dashboards.
Data visualization style guide development

What are the benefits of a style guide?

A data visualization style guide sets the tone, look, and feel of all your data visualization jobs and is crucial to keeping consistent styles and speeding up the workflow. Having one in place reduces ambiguity, encourages consistency, and improves comprehension.

Set the standard for your data visualization projects.

Every organization should present their facts in a uniform and visually appealing manner. We build data visualization style guides, which serve as roadmaps for creating charts and dashboards in enterprises. The data visualization style guide will be an extension of your existing brand document and will enable your team to create consistent data products in less time.

Inside our Style Guides:

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Color Palettes & Typography

Custom, accessible, categorical and quantitative color palettes. Standard fonts guidelines.
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Units & Abbreviations

Company specific standard formatting for dates, currency, numbers, and abbreviations.
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Standard dashboard icons and guidelines for their appropriate use and placement.
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Choosing the Right Chart

Common charts, including their typical use cases, and guidelines for formatting and customization.
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Standard Dashboard Templates

Dashboard sizing, layout, and guidelines for content formatting and organization.
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Kick-Off Interview Questions

A list of questions to ask stakeholders when starting a project.
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Quality Control Checklist

A reference guide to ensure that your viz is ready for deployment.
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Server Content Organization

Company tailored hierarchy of projects for content and data sources.